Poetry MasterClass: from Meta-Limericks to Metaphysics


Published on the site and in the Gift-Shop is Fredi Stewarts’s poem Reborn, which we’ve described as ‘metaphysical’. If you love poetry, you’ll be familiar with the word. There were the Metaphysical Poets of the seventeenth century, most notably John Donne. But what exactly does the word mean – and what characterizes the poetry?

In an audio broadcast today – the third in our Poetry Masterclass series – we start with a limerick, spend a few moments with Terry Pratchett, and then take an in-depth look at one of Donne’s greatest poems, Death Be Not Proud, as we try to answer the question.

For background while you’re listening, here’s Donne’s poem. Click on the picture at the top for a closer look at Fredi’s.

Death be not proud

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  1. Loved the mega limerick haha – gosh quite advanced with your podcasts – well done
    Sara recently posted..What Did I Learn from Oprah?My Profile

  2. Wow, Alan! Love, love, love this! And love the way you’ve presented it as podcast rather than straight text. Makes much more impact that way, as I’m sure you already know.
    Susan recently posted..Love – the Invisible Touch of the DivineMy Profile

  3. Alan Miles

    Not so advanced with podcasts, Sara. It’s just a microphone and a computer and a blanket over the window to deaden the sound of the building work going on next door. Oh, and the wonderful free editing programme Audacity – useful when you screw up 100 times making the recording!

  4. Alan Miles

    So it wasn’t Donne’s Sonne after all, Susan – since I needed a poem to work with Fredi’s ‘Reborn’. But the sonne may rise another day.