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Here’s what you’ll find in Coloring The Wind.

Featured Work

Several times a week, we’ll introduce a new featured work – poetry mixed with design and perhaps music, or sometimes just great artwork or a photograph. All our contributors are living artists, interested in finding new ways to reach an audience and breaking down the traditional boundaries between art-forms.


Most of the featured work is also available in our Gift-Shop, usually as posters, greetings cards, or postcards. Our high-quality original art will make memorable, affordable gifts for friends, family, business associates. Or look for something inspirational for your own home or office. Much of our work is customizable, allowing you to send a personal message on a card or even to add your own personal design to the words on a poster.

Charitable Work

We believe that art can help to make the world a better place, and we support a number of charities, selected by our contributors, through our Gift-Shop sales. Our key interests include drought / disease / poverty in the developing world, age concern, the environment and heritage. Find out more on our Themes page – and we explain precisely what support we’re giving beneath each product listing on the site and in the Gift-Shop.

Favorite Contributors

When you find a writer, artist, photographer or musician whose work you particularly enjoy, look them up in Our Artists and we’ll give you an artist profile and links to a wider selection of their work – not just the work they’ve published via Coloring The Wind – but their entire portfolio.

Creativity Blog

As creators, what can we learn from the experts? That’s what we’re looking at two or three times a week in our Coloring The Wind blog. Right now, we’re focusing on poetry, with audio extracts and commentary on 20 of our favorite poems ever – from Shakespeare to Dylan (Thomas and Bob).

New Talent

We’re always looking for new talent – but not in the traditional way. Most publishers are re-active, responding (often very slowly) to artist submissions. We’re pro-active, hunting for creatives who’ll be a good fit for our project. Once a week, in Inspirations, we’ll be issuing a challenge. Can you give us words or a picture or music for a product we’d like to put in our store? We’ll be monitoring submissions carefully, on the lookout for people with exceptional talent, and will contact you privately if we feel we could work together.

Our Community

There are Coloring The Wind pages at Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest, where we’ll post details of anything and everything that’s new on the site. Don’t forget to Like, Share or Comment on the entries you enjoy most. That’ll help us to see where your interests are, but also of course it gives our artists a welcome boost and helps us to spread the word.


Membership is free, and offers a number of benefits. First, you’ll have access to a members-only section of the Gift-Shop, offering selected products at a significant discount. (Until the end of September, everything is available at 20% off.) You’ll be able to get the 5-star rated adventure e-novel from Alain Miles free (for the Kindle, other e-readers or your computer – you’ll find reviews and an extract here). And once a week, we’ll email you with an update on everything that’s new on the site.

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