Hit Me Again by Chris Pearson

Hit Me Again

This is a poem from Chris Pearson‘s latest paperback publication – a collection of 16 poems called Entrance To Pleasure, available directly from Chris’s publisher, Thynks Publications Ltd. It’s a good example of the Coloring The Wind approach. We loved the poem and asked ‘How would we add a design to it?’ The ultrasound idea came quickly, but it was only after the first attempt that it occurred to us that the lines of the poem could trace the outline of the mother’s stomach. So the poem actually becomes the proud father listening … and getting a foot in the ear.

The idea works, we think, so the next question was how to present it in our store? Our original thinking was to make the poem into a card – to celebrate pregnancy. But it was one of our readers who pointed out that the poem would work just as well for a father sending a card to a daughter at any of the big occasions in her life – a 16th birthday, when she was leaving home, when she was getting married…

And then someone suggested allowing customers to add their own scans, to really personalize it. Possible using the Zazzle shop, but not necessarily that easy … unless the customer has good Photoshop experience. Because of the curvature of the first lines, you’d need to create a transparent area on your photograph to allow the words of the poem to show through. You may also need to modify the background colour of your ultrasound photo so that it merges well with our work.

Because it was a bit more complex, we didn’t offer it as an option for a greetings card. We had a feeling that we might get into trouble spending all our time explaining how to do it. But we have offered a customization option on the 12″x8″ poster version (which is the largest size we feel safe with for an ultrasound photo).

If you can manage with Photoshop or Gimp yourself, you can just go ahead and do it – at no extra cost – as you make the purchase from our store. If you need our help, we’ll be glad to give it, but we will need to add a charge for the time it takes to do the work. Just email us at alan@coloringthewind.com, attaching the photo you’d like us to merge in, and we’ll send back a quotation.

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  1. I love this poem, so full of love. In truth, I prefer the black background to the others–something about the ultrasound against those pastel colors is jarring to me. And, beyond congratulatory cards, I think they would make great cards from dads to daughters on major milestones: 13, 16, 18 birthdays, graduations, engagements, etc.
    Cheri recently posted..Six Word Two-FerMy Profile

  2. Alan Miles

    Cheri – that’s an outstanding contribution. It was the first thing I saw this morning – and it brought a huge smile to my face. If you don’t mind, I’ll make something out of this for the blog today.

  3. How beautiful! Bought a smile to my face. I actually love the dark blue background on the top picture, is that possible? Otherwise I think Black is the best choice. The pastels, well, they just lose something really and not quite right.
    Kama recently posted..Comment on 10 Valuable Confidence Tips – V (A-Z of Confidence) by KamaMy Profile

  4. Alan Miles

    Thanks Kama – Unanimous decisions from readers – fabulous feedback.

  5. Beautiful! I have to agree with Kama and Cheri about the dark background. It keeps the ultrasound feel and the whole magic of seeing a new life for the first time. Could you personalise that with your own scan? That really would be amazing and special.
    Jan recently posted..Successful Google Places And Local Business Google+ Pages Merge?My Profile

  6. Alan Miles

    I think that would be possible, Jan – it’s certainly possible to create a template for other people to add their own pictures. Let me find out how easy it’d be.

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