I feel a theme coming on. We’ve published a poem from right at the beginning of life – Hit Me Again. And another from right at the end – Reborn. So what about filling in all the spaces in between, capturing in art and words all the critical moments in all of our lives? Between the forceps and the stone, to borrow a line from Joni Mitchell’s Hejira. The seven ages of Man? We could have a hundred!

The thought was inspired by another poem from Suki Michelle. (If you haven’t seen her words for Farewell to Wisdom yet, go take a look now. That’s an order.)

In her new poem, we’re back at the very early days, a mother looking into the eyes of her new-born child.

First Giggle

That’s beautiful, Suki. With the simplicity and timelessness of a nursery rhyme, you’ve captured a moment that every parent will recognize. You’ve colored the wind.

So now what? Well we could just publish it. Like Hit Me Again and Farewell to Wisdom, this is a piece people would probably like to customize by adding their own personal photograph. That’d make a great greetings card – not just for a new mother, but maybe (like Hit Me Again) for an occasion much later in life, re-affirming the love that’s always been there between mother and ..(?)daughter.

But as well as publishing a customizable design, we’d like to see a poster with artwork to complement the poetry. Not, we think, a picture of mother and child, but a design that pulls elements from the poem – the sailboat, the harbor, conveying the same sense of calmness and absolute security. Not too schmaltzy. And with a place, somewhere in the design, for the words to be clearly displayed.

I’m turning it over to you. Your Inspirations mission, should you choose to accept it, is to deliver original artwork or photography that meets my requirement. If you have something you’d like to show, either link to it or include it in a comment – or mail me at (Please note that the work must be yours – or at least don’t show us something that belongs to someone else without asking their permission first.)

Our last Inspirations feature was very successful. We found a new poet, Fredi Stewart, and it resulted in the publication of Reborn. Similarly, this time, if we receive a submission that we feel is publishable, you could be our next new artist.

But don’t be afraid to send us your ideas, even if it’s not the final finished work. You never know, you might just trigger off another train of thought.

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  1. The submissions have all been fabulous so far. I can hardly wait to see what comes next.
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