Farewell to Wisdom

Farewell to Wisdom

We first saw Suki Michelle’s touching tribute to a horse she’d loved and lost about a month ago, on Facebook – and marked it as a poem we’d like to include in the Coloring The Wind collection some day. Some day arrived sooner than we thought. Our good friend Nanette Levin at Horse Sense and Cents recommended the artwork of Alli Farkas … and it turned out that Alli’s specialty was horse portraits. A few minutes later, we’d found ‘Wisdom’, the perfect match for Suki’s poem.

Working on this design has been exciting, because it’s opened our eyes to so many possibilities. From the beginning, it was obvious that people might like to put a picture of their own favorite horse into the picture – and change the name in the title. And what a fabulous gift that would make! Whether a poster or a greetings card, it would be something to treasure forever. So how were we going to do it?

In principle it was pretty easy. Our Gift-Shop is hosted by Zazzle, and Zazzle allows us to post a design as a customizable template. We’d already used the idea for Hit Me Again, allowing customers to replace the ultrasound scan in our design with one of their own … and in fact customers can add words to any of our card designs. But for Farewell to Wisdom, we wanted to add a few special tweaks – including the possibility that customers might like to commission their own artwork from Alli – and that’s what I describe in the YouTube tutorial below.

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Find Farewell to Wisdom in our Gift-Shop:

As a 12″x8″ poster: USUKAustralia
As a 12″x8″ customizable poster template: USUKAustralia
As a customizable card: USUKAustralia
As a customizable Collector’s Edition postcard: USUKAustralia

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  1. Fredi Stewart

    Both the painting and the poem are breathtaking. They touched that little girl inside me who loved horses so much. I believe it will touch many women. Men as well, but there is just that ‘thing’ between women and horses…

  2. Alan Miles

    So that‘s the difference between men and women, Fredi. Something my mother forgot to tell me.

  3. Both the words and the art are beautiful. I love that you’ve made this customizable. Do I understand correctly that I could substitute a photo of friend’s horse for Ali’s painting? I see a fantastic Christmas gift if that is what you are saying.
    Julia Neiman (@julianeiman) recently posted..A Call to Action on Behalf of Young EntrepreneursMy Profile

  4. Alan Miles

    Yes that’s right, Julia – I’ll be explaining how to customize later today. I think Christmas might be an important time for us if we can get enough good product together.

  5. Beautiful – cant wait for tomorrows post as my sister in law owns a horse and she would love it.
    Sara recently posted..A Call to All for World PeaceMy Profile

  6. Alan Miles

    Fantastic, Sara. Spread the word!

  7. Alan Miles

    Sara – loved the Peace piece on your blog and commented on it there – unfortunately it seems to have logged me in as unknown. I mentioned my e-novel there – The Lebanese Troubles – not the history of a war, but the comi-tragic story of people whose lives were broken by it. I’ve made the novel free to CTW subscribers via Smashwords – and since it’s it has just been World Peace Day – to anyone who visits here. Here’s the Smashwords link – you’ll need to sign up for a free registration with Smashwords, and then enter the code XF42B as you purchase to get it free. It’ll then be readable on Kindle, most other e-readers, and the computer – you choose.

  8. What a nice solution for everyone involved – and a great match of painting and poem. I’ll look forward to hearing what you’re doing with this tomorrow (which was probably yesterday at this point :-)).
    Nanette Levin recently posted..Marketing strategies are useless without peopleMy Profile

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