Farewell to Wisdom

We first saw Suki Michelle’s touching tribute to a horse she’d loved and lost about a month ago, on Facebook – and marked it as a poem we’d like to include in the Coloring The Wind collection some day. Some day arrived sooner than we thought. Our good friend Nanette Levin at Horse Sense and Cents recommended the artwork of Alli Farkas … and it turned out that Alli’s specialty was horse portraits. A few minutes later, we’d found ‘Wisdom’, the perfect match for Suki’s poem.

Working on this design has been exciting, because it’s opened our eyes to so many possibilities. From the beginning, it was obvious that people might like to put a picture of their own favorite horse into the picture – and change the name in the title. And what a fabulous gift that would make! Whether a poster or a greetings card, it would be something to treasure forever. So how were we going to do it?

In principle it was pretty easy. Our Gift-Shop is hosted by Zazzle, and Zazzle allows us to post a design as a customizable template. We’d already used the idea for Hit Me Again, allowing customers to replace the ultrasound scan in our design with one of their own … and in fact customers can add words to any of our card designs. But for Farewell to Wisdom, we wanted to add a few special tweaks – including the possibility that customers might like to commission their own artwork from Alli – and that’s what I describe in the YouTube tutorial below.

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Find Farewell to Wisdom in our Gift-Shop:

As a 12″x8″ poster: USUKAustralia
As a 12″x8″ customizable poster template: USUKAustralia
As a customizable card: USUKAustralia
As a customizable Collector’s Edition postcard: USUKAustralia

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