Man in the Street – Dale Webster

Man in the Street

A portrait featuring the work of Kenyan-based artist Dale Webster. Dale calls it ‘Man in the Street’ – and it doesn’t need any more words than his: ‘He smiles, but his face expresses a multitude of conflicting emotions – fear, courage, pain, honour, vulnerability, strength… I did meet him in the street, or rather, a track to his manyatta (village).’

The African theme is one of five we’ll be exploring in Coloring The Wind – and we’ve decided that as well as drawing attention to fundamental humanitarian issues, we want to do something that will actually make a difference. So whatever we make on sales of our African-themed work, we’ll share: we’ll donate 30% of our net receipts to a project fighting disease, poverty, hunger in Africa. We’ll let you know the project we’re supporting as soon as we’ve completed our research.

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