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It was a brilliant late August morning, and we were en route to the lake just outside my home town, Tonbridge, for a dawn photoshoot. Just a few minutes later we got the great shot that became the backdrop to Chris Pearson’s poem, Pearson’s Disease, as well as the cover photo on the Coloring The Wind Facebook page.

The old railway bridge in this shot is normally a dingy, unprepossessing place, not somewhere you’d normally hang about for long. But precisely on that day, at that moment, with the sun just risen and forcing its way through the trees, the place was transformed, magical. There was poetry in the air.

What happened next was pretty magical too. I posted the photograph on the Inspirations page here, asking readers to add words that would make the picture memorable wall-art. I added a couple of guidelines: “In the perfect scenario, the picture will amplify the meaning of the poem, while the poem throws new light on the picture.”.

Within 24 hours I got exactly what I was looking for. There’d been no previous contact between me and Fredi Stewart, but she submitted a poem that perfectly met my requirement. Reborn took the photograph to a different level – it was almost like putting the picture under a microscope and seeing things I’d never realized were there.

Since then, there’s been some fine-tuning, as we matched the words to the art-work. A particular problem was visibility, positioning the words, adjusting line-lengths and choosing a font that would make the poem easy to read. But I’m delighted with the outcome, a strikingly original work of faith that’s likely to appeal to readers no matter what their particular religious conviction.

And the way that the work has come together is a perfect illustration of the ‘cycle of inspiration’ that Coloring The Wind aspires to. As we inspire you, so you inspire us.

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While preparing Reborn for publication in our Gift-Shop, I hit on an idea that might be very important to our long-term success. There may be readers who love our work, but who would not consider purchasing a poster, perhaps because of the expense, perhaps because there’s a limit to how much you can put on your wall. That’s one of the reasons why we generally offer cards and postcards too.

As I worked on the postcard version of Reborn, I was struggling. Using Zazzle, the standard postcard size is 142mm x 108mm and that made the text too small to be easily readable. That’s when I had the idea of printing the picture on one side of the card, and the words on the other. I found that it was entirely possible with Zazzle – better still, it didn’t put the price up. It comes out like this ( – this display is slightly less than two-thirds size):

This is an idea that we can, and will, apply to all our other products. I have a hunch that it may be very popular – after all, there are lots of people who enjoy collecting cards … and this would be really different. I’ll be calling it the Collectors’ Edition.

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Find ‘Reborn’ in our Gift-Shop:

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10% of the net proceeds from Reborn will be donated to a charity selected by Fredi – The Institute for Spiritual Development, Washington.

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