The New Hunter – Dale Webster

The New Hunter

Alain Miles says:

“I’m a big fan of Dale’s work. First because of the intimacy of his portraiture, where we meet his people eye-to-eye, exposed to the fierce afternoon Kenyan sun. As he says, the pictures don’t flatter, but to me, his approach somehow reveals layers of character that I might have missed in a more subtle context.

I’m also interested in the subject-matter. Many of his paintings are of the Maasai people, who have been suffering incredible hardship as a result of drought and disease. As I was working on the words to accompany the picture, Dale wrote: “There was a cholera outbreak in the village as a result of the thousands of dead animals polluting the water-table which supplied the bore-holes … so the message of fighting disease is appropriate.”

Some 20 years ago, I spent a memorable family holiday in Kenya, where we were delightfully entertained by the Maasai. What I didn’t realize, as a tourist, was that there was so much I didn’t know. A good starting point is the site Masai of Kenya – which also helped to inspire the poem. There’s a recognition that lifestyles will need to change, that education and technology are vital; at the same time it’s vital that traditional values should be respected and observed.

Dale’s aim is to highlight the ‘personal effects of hardship on the lives of these courageous people’. I hope that our efforts here will help to spread understanding … and I’ll be collaborating with Dale again.”

30% of net proceeds from sales of ‘The New Hunter’ are being donated to a small charity, Osiligi Charity Projects, which specifically helps to relieve poverty in the Maasai areas of Kenya, focusing on education, health, and sustainable employment.

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  1. I like the message and the artwork works wonderfully with it. However, I feel Dale’s watermark is too noticeable – maybe move it down a little? Also, it’s missing a title. Now this may have been done on purpose, but I feel it needs one.

    Candy recently posted..Another Rainy DayMy Profile

  2. Alan Miles

    Thanks Candy – the watermark is only there to prevent illegal copying from here on the web. On the final version it won’t appear at all. There’ll just be a tiny authentic signature at bottom left. Yes, I think you’re right about the title.

  3. Wow, that has major impact. I see a young man who watched his father die, most likely from AIDS – my guess from seeing the subject and knowing where he’s from – who has just made up his mind to try to find a way to do war with this disease. A young boy hurting, but determined to make a difference with his life.

    Very powerful.
    Julia Neiman (@parenttrainer) recently posted..My Opinion on Youth UnemploymentMy Profile

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